Management Team

Sheikh Masood Sadiq


This my immense pleasure to inform you all that the company, Al Sheikh Corporation has been established with the objectives of seeking and legally providing employment opportunities to various categories of professional personnel and labour force to overseas countries.
Al Sheikh Corporation has all levels at workforce in abundant amount. Within the introduction of information Technology in the country, people have become aware of work opportunities abroad. Accordingly, there has been significant increase in the number of people going abroad or vying to go abroad.
Pakistani people are highly esteemed, loyal, hardworking and efficient people.

Sheikh Ibrahim Masood

Business Development Manager

We supply highly skilled workforce elements to a number of industries including Corporate Administration, Auto & Construction Industries, Education, IT & Health Care, Garments & Textile, a dedicated and experienced team covers each of the industries we serve, Al – Sheikh Overseas staff members cover backed by years of experience in the details of the businesses they serve.
Our vision is simple, we see an applicant’s career as a treasured asset that we need to preserve and build upon by providing jobs that enhance this career and enrich it with further experience. Our mission is clear, our client’s success is a priority and we strive to provide skilled professionals that contribute to this success.